Your Sincerely, Giraffe


Megumi Iwasa and Jun Takabatake

Giraffe is bored and he’s just missing one thing: a best friend. So when he sees Pelican, who is also bored, offering a mail service, he decides to write a letter. He asks Pelican to deliver it to the first animal he sees past the horizon. Pelican sees that the horizon looks very close, so he agrees. Pelican meets a seal who also delivers mail and sends the letter on to the next animal, which happens to be a Penguin. Giraffe and Penguin become pen pals and steadily become good friends. Soon Giraffe is trying to figure out what Penguin looks like from afar, but doesn’t get it quite right.

A wonderfully engaging book with wonderful pen illustrations and hand written letters.

  • 104 pages
  • Paperback
  • 205 x 149mm
  • Gecko Press
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