Iro Tsavala and Henry Martin

An Adult Picturebook.

Yappo is the story of a nameless man who travels the countryside protecting his one belonging, a small plant. He encounters many different people on his travels – a butcher, a dog even a mermaid, who each ask him for a leaf from the plant. Using only one word ‘Yappo’ the man rejects each request. When he arrives at a town, his plant is taken from him and he is banished – the following day, the plant blossoms. 

Yappo is a quirky poetic narrative inspired by fairytales, as well as the Japanese Koan. In many ways it poses more questions than it answers. What does the word ‘Yappo’ mean? Where is the man from? Where is he going to? Why do the people he meets want his plant? Why or how can he understand a dog or mermaid’s request? Was the plant better off with or without him, in the end?

Iro Tsavala’s beautiful illustrations capture the tone of the narrative perfectly. The landscape and world she creates are dark and wintery, silent and wild, and dotted with signs of human life: washing lines, telephone poles, an airplane, a lighthouse.

Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered – 300 Copies

  • 48 pages
  • Paperback
  • 230 x 210mm
  • Company Cod
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