The Bee Who Spoke.


Al MacCuish and Rebecca Gibbon

In The Bee Who Spoke , we are introduced to Belle, an adventurous and inquisitive eleven-year-old girl who lives in Paris. She travels with her parents to the Ardèche to visit her grandparents for her summer holiday. When she arrives she is presented with a bicycle to explore the glorious Ardèche countryside. Belle sets out on her bicycle and, being bold and ever curious, ventures further and further from her grandparent’s house. Suddenly, disaster strikes: Belle falls from her bicycle and realises she has become lost. Fortunately, Belle is found and befriended by a talking Bee, who, as well as guiding Belle safely back to her grandparent’s house, introduces Belle to some of the plants and animals that are around her and explains to Belle the wonder and harmony that can be found in nature. Belle sees the world with fresh eyes and, at the end of her holiday and having returned to Paris, knows that her new-found knowledge means that she will never see the environment around her in the same way and that her encounter with the Bee is just the start of further adventures. With its engaging, witty story, beautiful illustrations and environmental theme, the wonderful tale of Belle and the Bee will enchant and entertain young readers and spur their curiosity about the natural world.

  • Hardback
  • 32 Pages
  • 203 x 267mm
  • Thames and Hudson Ltd
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