Shackleton’s Journey



William Grill

To celebrate Ernest Shackleton’s departure on “Endurance” across the Antarctic, William Grill brings us a detailed visual narrative of this extraordinary and historical expedition.

Grill’s beautiful use of coloured pencils and vibrant hues place him somewhere on the artistic spectrum between Raymond Briggs and David Hockney, and his fastidious cataloguing of every single detail of the expedition is nothing short of a Blackstock collection.

Grill evokes the atmosphere and intrepid excitement that would have surrounded the expedition with his impeccably researched and detailed drawings. Children will love examining the exploded diagrams of the peculiar provision taken or the individual drawings of the sled dogs or pack horses. This book takes the academic and historical information surrounding the expedition and teams it with powerful illustration for all readers to enjoy.

  • 68 pages
  • 252 x 312mm
  • Hardback
  • Flying Eye Books
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