Hello Mister Cold: Tales from the Hidden Valley


Carles Porta

Bundle up and get ready to spend the long winter with the charming creatures in Carles Porta’s enchanting Hidden Valley. It’s winter now in the hidden valley, and Maximus Cold has fallen into the valley, completely by mistake. Everyone thinks he’s a strange, trumpet-playing monster who has kidnapped our wolf friend Yula! One can only hope that the gang of friends, including the rabbits, Reindeer, the pixie onion-headed ballerina, and Yula’s best friend Sara can save the day with some trumpeting of their own. Dive into Carles Porta’s elaborate world of enchanting, snowy forests and mysterious music and meet all the charming creatures of the Valley along the way.

  • Hardback
  • 48 pages
  • 208 x 292mm
  • Flying Eye Books
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