Murray McCain & John Alcorn

This 1962 New York Times book of the year is beloved for its charming hand-drawn illustrations, inventive typography, and sweet homage to the very nature of books themselves. The author and illustrator celebrate the importance of books in our everyday lives, through words and graphics that are all beautifully designed and printed with fluorescent inks.

This sweet and nostalgic book shares the wonder of language, stories, and imagination that young children can discover through the joy of reading. In our digital age, a treasure like BOOKS! reminds us of how irreplaceable they truly are. This classic example of hand drawn, mid-century graphic design is sure to find renewed interest in a new generation of young readers.

From original jacket copy: “This is a one-of-a-kind: A wonderful book for children and grown-ups about Books, how books are made, what they do, what people do with them. It is called Books! Flip through it and you will see why it is likely to turn children into book lovers and parents into Books! lovers.Get Books! Keep Books! Give Books!”

  • 42 pages
  • 220 x 317mm
  • Hardback
  • AMMO Books
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