The Five Rollatinis


Jan Balet

With no room remaining to ride Wonder Horse Ammonia with the rest of the Rollatinis, little Bambino must find another way to contribute to the family business. But performing apart from the others leaves the sixth, and youngest, Rollatini feeling lonely and left out, even as he flies with the acrobats, rubs elbows with the elephants, and teaches the dancing bear to bicycle.

Not only a charming story of a small circus talent finding his place in the troupe, THE FIVE ROLLATINIS also contains a colourful collection of hand-drawn illustrations to practice counting. Young readers will tally lions, tigers, clowns, and many more as they enjoy vibrant images from within the big top. Another mesmerising contribution from AMOS AND THE MOON artist and author Jan Balet. 

  • 24 pages
  • 229 x 262mm
  • Hardback
  • AMMO Books
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