6 children's books for the winter holidays

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Books make the perfect present - they can be read time and time again, look beautiful and can be kept forever.

These are my top 6 books for the holidays and they are not all about Christmas.


Len Legsworth: Trapped in the Attic

A beautiful debut by Ruth Watson and Andy J. Miller. This book is not purely about Christmas but follows arachnoid Len Legsworth and his hunt for somewhere warm and safe during the winter months. He happens upon the attic and there he finds some friends. This book is an introduction to the changing seasons as well as making spiders seem fun and friendly - a perfect stocking filler.  

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Wild Animals of the North


Wild Animals of the North is definitely a Telling Tales favourite. This illustrated guide to the northern hemisphere is a gift you could buy for an adult or child. Every page is stunning and helps instil a love and understanding of animals through it's gorgeous design - this is a book that will last a lifetime.

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Land Shark


Bobby wants a shark. Follow the hilarious story of Bobby and his unwavering want for a pet shark! Does he get one for his birthday? You’ll have to read to find out. A brilliant tale that teaches us getting want you don’t want can sometimes be just what we need!

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Amos and the Moon


This stunning book was created as a Christmas present for Jan B. Balet’s son. It is a beautiful and whimsical story about a young boy looking for the moon during the day. A perfect bedtime read and one that will delight time and time again.

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As Time Passes


Books fade and become yellow, trousers can become shorts, but some things do not age. An illustrated book that shows how the passing of time can sometimes take it's toll, and sometimes not. This is a book that helps understand the affects of time and it's impact on the world around us. 

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One Day on our Blue Planet: In the Antarctic


A wintery tale about a day in the life of a curious penguin chick. Follow them from breakfast to dinner as they explore the snowy, cold world around them. With it's stunning illustrations this book would make the perfect gift for a budding naturalist. 

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